IFAD Innovation Talks: Launch Event of the Agricultural Investment Data Analyzer (AIDA)

IFAD Innovation Talks: Launch Event of the Agricultural Investment Data Analyzer (AIDA)

Please join the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the International Food Policy Research institute (IFPRI) and CGIAR-PIM for the first ever IFAD Innovation Talk to launch the Agricultural Investment Data Analyzer (AIDA). AIDA is a one-of-a-kind tool, jointly developed by IFAD and IFPRI, to guide agricultural investments for higher impact. 

AIDA’s economy-wide analysis and evaluation tools will help improve the efficiency, effectiveness and scaling up of rural development policies and projects. The ultimate goal is to enable analysts in participating countries to utilize AIDA to independently perform policy simulations and evaluations using the tool. 

In particular, AIDA’s policy and investment guidelines and tools will support IFAD and its partners in the design and impact assessment of national strategies and rural investment projects. AIDA will also influence the design and prioritization of policies and investments to enable the rural poor to overcome poverty. Advocacy and policy-engagement will raise awareness and provide the evidence base for creating jobs and reducing rural poverty. 

AIDA is currently being launched for Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Yemen and will be scaled up to include other countries in the region and around the world. Simultaneous translation will be available in English & Arabic. 

Click here to visit the event page,see the event's agenda and register for the event. 

IFAD Innovation Talks

In November 2020 IFAD launched the Fund’s first community of practice (CoP) for innovation on the IFAD Dgroups.io platform.The IFAD Innovation Network is an informal, democratic, non-hierarchical space where members can share ideas, good practices, tools and lessons learned on how IFAD can: use innovation to improve performance and better address the needs and challenges of IFAD’s target groups and beneficiaries; and develop innovation for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

IFAD Innovation Talks will be a series of monthly sessions, lasting one hour. They will feature innovative approaches, tools, products and services developed by IFAD, its partners and the members of the IFAD Innovation Network in order to further the aims of the network, as listed above. The Talks will follow various formats: from interviews and panel discussions to TEDx talks and demonstrations of new technological tools.