Arifu platform Adaptive Learning System


Arifu platform Adaptive Learning System

One of the main challenges for development of smallholder farmers' livelihoods is access to market information and financial services. Smallholder farmers are the most underserved group in the world by financial services, with women and youth at a particular disadvantage.

Arifu is a platform that provides customer capability-building through mobile technology. The Kenya-based platform tests, refines, and hosts content developed by various educational organizations via SMS on mobile phones. Arifu has a team of digital learning experts who work with providers to design and develop behaviorally-informed training, advertising, and data collection programs.

The Arifu financial education content covers the essential tools for farmers' inclusion in financial services such as saving and borrowing, information about providers’ products and services and financial services available through mobile phones. 

Arifu has found 56 percent higher completion rates of training and testing with digital learners, and 26 percent higher performance for digital learners than in-person learners. Up-to-date, Arifu has 360,000 farmers on its platform.

Source: Arifu.com

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