Call for Digital Agriculture Solutions during COVID-19


Call for Digital Agriculture Solutions during COVID-19

We would like to get feedback on the available digital solutions in agriculture, which the community can re-use or upscale.

Many smallholder farmers in the global south require on-farm digital solutions to support them through-out the value chains and in their agricultural practices.

COVID-19 has opened opportunities for the adoption of Digital Agriculture Solutions in various functions within value chains.

Preliminary requirements

  • Send your details through this link Digital Solutions in Agriculture 
  • Submissions should be in one of these languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian
  • Solutions should be freely available for re-use and open source/innovation
  • Encourage Global Public Goods

Submission details

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Name of the Organization
  • Country
  • Category of the solution
  • E-mail
  • Brief summary of the solution
  • Website of the platform or the solution
  • Logo of company/startup/solution, etc.

SUBMIT the details here

More information here 

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