Call for National Experts for the Deep Dive Study on Digital Innovation


Call for National Experts for the Deep Dive Study on Digital Innovation

IMC Worldwide have been commissioned by DFID to undertake a Deep Dive Study on Digital Innovation within DFID’s agriculture programmes.

In 2018, DFID launched its Digital Strategy, aiming to establish DFID as a global leader in digital technology and development in order to have greater, faster and more cost-effective impact on the lives of poor people. The strategy commits DFID to making greater and better use of digital technology to tackle global poverty and deliver on the Global Goals, as well as to maximise opportunities from digital products and services to improve the lives of poor people, particularly those at risk of being left behind.

Many of DFID’s agriculture programmes are already taking innovative steps in applying digital technology. However, no comprehensive analysis of the full range of digital innovation within DFID’s agriculture programming has been undertaken to date.

The Deep Dive Study has two workstreams, the first, to undertake a detailed, catalogued overview, arranged by typology, of the range of ways in which digital tools and digitally enabled innovation is currently being used within DFID’s significant portfolio of investment in agriculture in Africa and South Asia. The second, the focus of these TOR, is to develop a series of Digital Agriculture Country Case Studies (DACS) to provide practical recommendations for how DFID programmes can maximise opportunities from digital and innovation in their agriculture and agriculture-related programmes.

The DACS will focus on five to six countries, and are likely to be: Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Myanmar. For each country, IMC is required to provide hands-on support through in-country visits to,

(1) extract lessons from experiences to date in using digital solutions and,

(2) identify opportunities for new/existing programmes in these countries to incorporate digital technologies and innovative approaches for improved impact and value for money.


The National Expert will provide technical support to the Workstream 2 Team in the development of a DACS in one of the six countries specified above, drawing on their contextual understanding of digital agriculture and the wider digital ecosystem within the country. The National Expert will report to the relevant Case Study Manager for the country in question.

Application Details

Application Submission details:Please send CVs and a one-page cover letter outlining your ability to fulfill the roles of the National Expert role by email to Lula.dahir@imcworldwide.com by 15th of July 2019. Also, please include the name of the role and country you are applying for in the email subject line.

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