e-Agriculture Survey on the Principles for Digital Development


e-Agriculture Survey on the Principles for Digital Development

The-Agriculture would like to know from you what you know about the Principles for Digital Development and how they are applied when using ICTs for agriculture and rural development. Would you be interested to learn more about the principles, examples of their application and the difficulties in applying them and how to overcome them, and where to find resources? 

Credits: Digitalprinciples.org

Let us know by filling in this short survey and we will use your replies to organize an activity on the topic on our platform! Looking forward to hear from you what you already know about the principles and what you would like to discuss with the other members of the Community of Practice and subject matter experts. 

Thank you for participating!

Digitalprinciples.org is organizing an event on Practicing the principles for digital development in Dar Es Salaam on October 12th, 2017. Check out the event page here

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