e-Agriculture webinar on PestSmart Diagnostics e-Learning course


e-Agriculture webinar on PestSmart Diagnostics e-Learning course

FAO e-Agriculture team and CABI are inviting interested persons to attend this webinar to be presented on the 31st of October 2018 at 11:00 (CET) Rome Time  [ Check your times ]

To attend kindly register here to receive attendance information and also to get the details of the recording after the event.

About the webinar 

The PestSmart e-Learning Course: Diagnostic eLearning course that guides learners through identifying symptoms and causes of both biotic and abiotic plant health problems, and introduces a methodology for field-based diagnosis. CABI trains extension workers on plant diagnostics as part of the Plantwise programme. The e-learning course will therefore facilitate more people to undergo quality trainings. The course consists of fifteen hours of online training. There are five modules consisting of: symptoms, insects and mites, causes, nutrient deficiencies and diagnostics. Each module is broken up into lessons lasting approximately 30 minutes. The e-Learning course can be accessed via the web or integrated into your Learning Management System (LMS).

PestSmart Package: The diagnostics uses CABI expertise in plant health and diseases to provide a suite of educational and practical tools that teach recognition of the symptoms of major pathogen and pest groups and relate them to various causes. Consisting of 3 complementary elements, the package helps plant health professionals and students to develop and improve their knowledge through practical, independent learning. This reduces the level of misdiagnosis in the field. Containing high-resolution images, case studies and knowledge checks, the e-learning package comprises 3 elements that work. together to reinforce learning and enable diagnosis of key crop problems. 


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