FAO Policy Portal goes online!


FAO Policy Portal goes online!

Are you seeking a policy within the framework of the FAO's mandate? Do you need policy guidelines in policy formulation within these agricultural themes? And how can FAO adapt its policy presentations to the fast-paced world of social media and on-line communities? 

The Good news is that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO ) created the FAO Policy Portal and today (05 April 2017) the portal is online!

The FAO Policy Portal 

The FAO Policy Portal was designed to present a comprehensive overview and a common access point for all FAO policy work.It provides access to FAO policy perspectives on many of the most important issues facing food and agriculture today. This one-stop-shop of FAO policies is essential to achieve the transformational changes needed in fullfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG) and the FAO Strategic Framework.

Additionally, this platform will feature policy messages from FAO management and will also outline FAO distinctive approaches to policy and governance support.

The portal offers FAO Representatives, Members, partners and stakeholders access to FAO -

  • Policy messages
  • Policy insights
  • Policy analysis
  • Policy dialogue
  • Policy examples
  • Policy experts

FAO Platform Contents

  • Policy themes - it presents 25 policy theme pages drafted with subject matter experts. Each includes a key policy message, a 3-minute video, and links to partners, resources and SDG goals.
  • Governance - This describes the FAO approach to global and country-level governance work and the importance of this cross-cutting theme in FAO's policy and programmatic work.
  • Mechanisms - Provides a search engine for accessing information on over 160 major FAO-sponsored or enabled global or regional alliances, forums, partnerships and platforms.
  • News - Provides summaries and links on policy relevant FAO news, new resources, events, tweets

About the FAO Policy Portal

The Portal is owned by FAO’s Community of Policy Practitioners (CoPP), curated by the Economic and Social Development Department (ESD), and supported by the Office for Corporate Communications (OCC) and the Information Technology Division (CIO) under the overall stewardship of the Strategic Programme Leaders.

Through its Strategic Framework, FAO brings together the wide range of knowledge and competencies at its disposal to address the complex and interdependent challenges that link food and agriculture to the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

For more information contact policy-support@fao.org 



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