How technology aids agriculture in Bhutan


How technology aids agriculture in Bhutan

For commercial agriculture to succeed, an investment into cash crops and investing in traditional agriculture is essential, also using information and communication technology (ICT).

Mountain Hazelnuts is a company established with funding from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, to develop innovative uses of ICT for its commercial agriculture operations.

The company has helped farmers integrate ICTs within each step of the Mountain Hazelnuts business model. See the self-explanatory diagram below.

©Yoichiro Ishihara/World bank

Furthermore, about 150 staff provide extension support to farmers and also use smart phones and ICTs to communicate with Mountain Hazelnuts staff. Through cell phones the following services – such as voice messaging, video-recording functions to communicate with farmers.

A central database overlaid on OpenStreetMap geo-reference the data and allows for planning in logistics operations, reduces transportation delays and costs.

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