ICT for Social Good grant for projects and ideas using digital technology for social aims


ICT for Social Good grant for projects and ideas using digital technology for social aims

ICT for Social Good is a grant for local innovators in low-income countries. The grant will be for projects, realities and innovative ideas using digital technology for social aims, and most importantly, created with a bottom-up approach. 

The general goal of the grant is to sustain, as much as possible, local innovators in low-income countries but also to inform the development sector about local innovations. Often, these ideas are not fully recognised and they face difficulties in being involved in international development projects. However, they represent a good starting point to build a new approach to the international cooperation and local development.

In order to apply for the Grant, developing a new technology is not necessary. You only have to provide the use of an existing technology - in one of the geographical areas as specified in the guidelines.

Photo credits: ICT for Social Good

Food security, water and sanitation, health, education, human rights and citizen activism are the central themes of the Grant. Any initiative regarding these sectors promoted by any local entities (association, cooperative, NGO, small and medium enterprises) with the support of ICTs will be more than welcome. All the projects, including those that won’t reach the final selection, will be presented on the website of Ong 2.0 and spread on national and international media in order to increase the awareness of the creativity and commitment of local innovators.

The winning project - selected by an international committee - will receive a 12.000€ grant. Fondazione Mission Bambini will offer a special grant named “ICT 4 Children” equal to 10.000€. The grant will be assigned to the project more aligned with the Foundation’s mission and focused on children. Moreover, the winners will be invited to Italy for the final event of the program “Innovazione per lo Sviluppo”, where they will get the chance to get in touch with entrepreneurial entities and Italian research centres that can be interested in sustaining or further developing the winning ideas. The projects can be presented in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Submit your application before the 30th April 2017.

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