ICT4D Conference Agenda published


ICT4D Conference Agenda published

The ICT4D conference agenda has been published and with a number of presentation and talks in ICTs for Agriculture and the environment, browse the full programme here.

The conference has more than 200 panels, keynotes, case studies, and workshops in core ICT4D disciplines.

The agenda is rich with a variety of topics, some of the exciting topics for e-Agriculture CoP include:-

  • Digital Agriculture: Scale and Sustainability through Government Partnership and Ownership
  • Driving Digital and Financial Inclusion that leaves no one behind
  • From Satellites to stalk borers: using earth observation to forecast pests’ outbreaks
  • Intelligent Systems advisory tool (ISAT): Empowering the smallholder farmer to manage climate risk
  • UAVs and Spatial Data Management Systems
  • Using Mobile Phones to Disseminate Agricultural Information and Improve Knowledge across Nigeria
  • Willingness to pay for Sustainability of Agricultural and Nutrition Advisory Information

The ICT4D Conference is an annual conference key within ICT4D and is attended by representatives of regional and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society and community-based organizations, private sector companies, multilateral and governmental agencies and various partners in the developmental world 

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