Invitation to e-Agriculture Twitter chat on "The use of blockchain for Agriculture"


Invitation to e-Agriculture Twitter chat on "The use of blockchain for Agriculture"


The e-Agriculture Team is inviting interested person to a Twitter chat on "The use of blockchain for Agriculture" which will be held on Twitter

The following are the details:-

  • Date : Tuesday 27 February 2018 
  • Time : 11:00 to 18:00 (CEST) (Time convertor)
  • Hashtag#AgBlockchain

Blockchain technology

The blockchain became popular and permeated most sectors and saw the increasing application of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology is basically a decentralized record-keeping system that allows global citizens worldwide to share a digital ledger to track transactions through a network of computers. This happens with no need for a centralized control and its main advantage is that it is secure and provides instant verification.

Within agriculture, and indeed in the #ICT4D, blockchain is slowly being adopted. Recently, the GSMA report, “Blockchain for Development: Emerging Opportunities for Mobile, Identity and Aid” has provided use cases of initial adoption in the developmental world.

This twitter chat seeks to highlight the possible use cases, successes and challenges of this technology and how blockchain can help achieve eliminate hunger and malnutrition.

Questions we will be addressing:

  1. How would you define blockchain in one tweet?
  2. What are the main benefits of blockchain brings to agricultural development?
  3. How is blockchain currently used to fight hunger and malnutrition?
  4. What policy issues do you think need to be addressed in blockchain adoption?
  5. What are the challenges of using blockchain for international development?

Quick tips for Twitter chat participants

  • Always include the chat hashtag
  • Also include e-Agriculture handle @e_agriculture in your twits
  • Keep it short (well twitter limits you)
  • Reply directly for 1-on-1 conversations
  • Be polite and positive
  • Use Twitter handles in your tweets
  • Do not use the platform to commercially market any service. This is a non-commercial discussion

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