Plantix: The app to detect and cure your plant diseases


Plantix: The app to detect and cure your plant diseases

Plantix is an app developed by Peat, a German-based AgTech startup, allowing users to send photos of sick plants through the app and get the cause of the illness. According to Simone Strey, CEO of Peat, up to 30% of crop yields are lost worldwide each year due to plant diseases and pests. 

The more photos are added to its database and the more accurate the app will become as it will have more information in its database. On the other side, to prevent diseases, Plantix provides users with customised information concerning best practices, including information on preventative measures.

Watch this video on how to use Plantix:

Credits: Plantix

Since June 2015, Plantix has received more than 500,00 pictures. This huge number has enabled Peat to identify many diseases: currently Plantix can detect more than 60 diseases. The app also contains a library of pathogens that can be filtered by plant species, fungus, bacteria, viruses and other categories.

In addition, users can discuss crop health issues with the online community, and can also access weather reports.

The app is available for free download on Google Play in Germany, Brazil and India, and will soon be available in other countries.

Source: Plantix


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