Progressive Farmer, Smart Farming : AgTech Competition


Progressive Farmer, Smart Farming : AgTech Competition

The Government of Andhra Pradesh, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dalberg Advisors and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), invites applications for a Pitch Competition to identify technology-based solutions that solve agricultural challenges faced by small and marginal farmers in Andhra Pradesh''. - read more

In this competition there are four themes in which each submission can be made under:-

  1. Technology-enabled Rural Advisory Services (RAS) v2.0. 
  2. Technology-enabled market linkages. 
  3. Digital Financial Services for agriculture. 
  4. Data mining for agriculture

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Be technology-enabled 
  • Have a primary focus on small and marginal farmers
  • Have been in operation for over 6 months and have at the minimum a proof-of-concept in place
  • Be ready to deploy
  • Not have an ongoing engagement with the Government of Andhra Pradesh

We encourage e-Agriculture CoP members living in that region to apply.

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