SoilMapp for iPad: soil information at your fingertips


SoilMapp for iPad: soil information at your fingertips

SoilMapp is an app for iPad that lets users find out soil information such as how much water the soil holds, its clay content and acidity, among other attributes related to agricultural productivity and land management.

The app enables users to view maps, photographs, satellite images, tables and graphs of data about nearby soils and learn about the soil’s physical and chemical characteristics (acidity, soil carbon, available water storage, salinity and erodibility).

View this SoilMapp introductory video:

Credits: CSIRO

SoilMapp is designed for Australian farmers, consultants, planners, natural resource managers and researchers. SoilMapp collects data from from the Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS) and ApSoil. It is a joint project with the Australian Collaborative Land Evaluation Program and the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

SoilMapp is currently available on the App Store.

Source: CSIRO

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