‘WorldBank Group to support Africa’s digital transformation’


‘WorldBank Group to support Africa’s digital transformation’

In an opinion piece on CNN Business, the WorldBank Group CEO and interim presidents noted that automation and artificial intelligence (and other disruptive technologies) could revolutionize the industrialized world, and with great potential to the developing world.

On her tweeter account, Ms Kristalina Georgieva noted in order to support Africa’s digital transformation, the WorldBank Group will invest $25 billion between now and 2030 and is aiming to mobilize $25 billion more from the private sector.

How can African countries leapfrog themselves for this challenge? In the above mentioned opinion piece, there are some impressive developments. For example, the working-age population in Africa is expected to increase by some 450 million people between 2015 and 2035. New sources of growth will mean more than 300 million people will be unemployed.

Left unplanned for, Africa might find its youthful generation unemployed. However, the good news is that the digital economy has a potential to create new jobs.

The following are some of the investments needed by the African countries to have digital skills:-

  • Impart digital skills to its youthful population
  • Ensure its population have a digital ID to access financial services and ecommerce
  • Foster digital businesses – embracing latest technologies

Existing infrastructure such as cell phones, drones and other technologies need to be harnessed towards these goals.

Read more in this published opinion piece.

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