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During our Q&A earlier today, Giacomo received the following question from our participants: can one bring a drone on an airplane? 

It is important to note that you have to consult the airline you will fly with to see what their rules are about carrying drones on board of a plane. Also, the batteries are lithium batteries and there is a restriction on those on all airplanes as they are sensitive and highly inflammable. So - check what is allowed and buy LIPO bags to transport your lithium batteries. 

An example of rules for KLM can be found here: https://www.klm.com/travel/gb_en/images/Lithium-batteries-on-KLM-aircraf...

Secondly, you need to check the rules of the country you are flying too. Are you allowed to enter the country with a drone? Check carefully if you need a permit? You drone might be confiscated right at the airport if you do not have the necessary permissions! 

So, a lot of information to check before you travel with your drone! 

Safari njema! 

Just to post a fictive example, so you have an idea on what kind of questions you can post here!

Hello, My name is John and I am a farmer. In our region we mainly cultivate potatoes. We would like to work together with several farmers in the region to buy a drone and to monitor our crops to improve the production, but how do we start? Anyone has a similar experience and can share some information? 


Thank you for sharing! 

If you would like to know more about drones and forestry, check out the content of last Friday: http://www.e-agriculture.org/forumtopics/friday-20-october-use-drones-fo...

I see a lot of people face a problem with analyzing and interpreting the images they have captured. This is something we will discuss also in the webinar on Tuesday 24 October at 2 PM UTC - 4 PM CEST - For more information: http://www.e-agriculture.org/news/e-agriculture-learning-activity-drones...

Thank you, Leticia, for sharing with us! If you have interesting resources from institutions in your country that you can share, please do so. I am sure there are other participants who would be interested. 

Sorry for that. Can you please specify what video specifically has an issue so we can take a look if the problem is on our side? Thank you - Alice, for the e-Agriculture Team


Thank you for submitting your experiences! Don't forget to come back to the page on Monday to discuss and ask questions. 

For those who are wondering why sometimes it takes some time before your comment appears, this is because we moderate the forum and approve comments before they are published.

Hope to read more experiences on this page over the weekend!


Thank you, Matthew, for your presentation. It is now online on this page, so people who have missed the session can take a look. As promised to our participants a little list of questions that remained unanswered during the Q&A of the webinar. We hope you will have some time to take a look and answer them.

  • Can we use drones without an Internet connection?
  • Can you list the specific wavelength for each Band available in the multispectral camera? For analysis, is it just using NDVI or another kind of band analysis was involved?
  • How to differentiate between plant stress and plant with disease/ nutrient deficiency?
  • What is the best flight height for drone and the best time in the day?
  • What is the best software for analyzing drone images captured by the agricultural sensor?
  • Is there any open source software to analyze drone images?

Post them here by commenting on the page! Share additional resources or your experience on using drones in forestry here. 

We are also happy to look at the questions you might have for Maricarmen Ruiz after the webinar. 

We had a very interesting live session and a very full Q&A! As soon as possible we will share the recording of the presentation on this page as well as a transcript of the Q&A We will ad in the transcript the questions that were not answered during the webinar and Matthew Barre will answer them here online. 

Would you have more questions - let us know by commenting here!