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André Jellema
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Dear Participants,

We welcome you to the e-Forum Discussion on the Agriculture Open Data Package- AgPack.info. 

Government have an essential role to play making the open data for agriculture ecosystem work. More info on the potential roles for government can be found here. However governments can also make open data work for their own objectives. Here is a list of governments in action harnessing open data to impact agriculture and food security.

The question to kick off this eForum is what examples are missing? How is your government implementing Open Data for Agriculture? Are there more use cases of governments in action with open data?

Empowering farmers
Optimizing agricultural practice
  • Beyond extension services: Hotline 8082 in Ethiopia
  • Managing the California drought with data visualisations  
Supporting agrifinance
Facilitating the value chain
Enforcing policies

André Jellema
André JellemaData-Impact.comNetherlands

Dear Ajit,

Thank you for sharing this insights from India. I am curious to the exact references, if you can share those.

I often refer to http://agmarknet.gov.in/ a site also intended to share price and market information with small holder farmers in a attempt to break the power of the middle man, raising price and market acces for farmers, loweing inconsumer prices.

I know the sight not always run smooth  however I always wonder how it is perceived by the end users in India. How do you see this? (For more background: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H2JSri0Yx4YyiIFNj8ZbxSeQcbqbSsSGOR6udwPngg0/edit?usp=sharing (Deskstudy)

André Jellema
André JellemaData-Impact.comNetherlands

Dear Christopher and All,

thank you for this elaborate and well thought through summary of the roles of the different stakeholders.

Reading your overview, scanning the earlier posts (8 times the word government was mentioned) and being asked by the moderators to raise a flag for the follow-up eAgricultural on the AgPack. 

Is their a role for governments? 

  • Should they be the main data providors in the ecosystem?
  • To what extent are they responsible that the right accurate data is timely available ?
  • Should they stimulate other (private stakeholders to play their role?
  • Should they adapt the ICT education to make Open data for Ag work?
  • Should they adapt the curricullum for extension officers or the extension curriculum it include the capactity IT handling needed to make Open data for Ag work?
  • To what extent are they responsible that the countries have technological infrastructure is up to the task ICT? (e.g. the mobile or internet network)
  • or maybe private partners should make it work.
  • What do we expect? 

Based on this discussion and the next starting on the 10th of July with a webinar I am curious to learn what you expect from your government or what you recommend your government to do to start realizing impact with ICT and open data for agriculture?



André Jellema
André JellemaData-Impact.comNetherlands

Directly after this eAgriculture forum discussion I will present some use case of governments aiming to enforce their agricultural policies with Open Data.

This will start at the 10th of July with a webinar.

Please join at: http://www.e-agriculture.org/forums/discussions/e-forum-discussion-agriculture-open-data-package-agpackinfo

We are looking forward to your views and experiences.

As a preview: Did you get the right data from your government? How did you do that? Or why did you not succeed?

André Jellema
André JellemaData-Impact.comNetherlands

Dear Simone,

I fully agree with your comment. It generally takes some time to learn about the dark side of new technologies and to mitigate that.

I just like to point at some other GODAN resources that have done some more groundbreaking work in this field

However the fact that some serious privacy, assymmatry and rights risks need to mitigated, it has never halted innovation. Let's make open data work!