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Hi Everyone,

For more documents on this topic have a look at the RFLC - technology and outreach section: http://www.ruralfinance.org/library/financial-services/technology-and-ou...

For those not familiar with the Rural Finance Learning Center (RFLC) here is a short description:

The Rural Finance Learning Center (RFLC) is a premier knowledge research platform that provides access, through its library, to some of the world’s leading policy and training resources on rural and agricultural finance. It targets public and private organizations in developing countries as well as policy makers and researchers who whish to promote and deliver superior financial services that adapt to the investment needs of rural enterprises and households. This powerful platform provides timely updates on the latest news and events related to inclusive rural and agricultural development, including its own newsletter that has been continuously published since 2007. Please visit the website and join our membership base!
The RFLC is the result of the Capacity Building on Rural Finance (CABFIN) partnership, composed by IFAD, FAO, GIZ, World Bank and UNCDF.