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PROGIS is an organisation that is working more then one decade on ICT solutions for agriculture-, forestry-, environment- and risk-management and cooperates with partners like Microsoft and their BING department for orthoimages as well as with Fujitsu (trustcenter), Adcon and Pessl (agro-weatherstations) etc.. I would like to highlight some benefits as we could find out during the last years at many installations: Technology must have orthoimages of a country as fundamental database (if possible 50cm or better), then one can build up a land parcel system with technologies like our WinGIS, can do advisory services or farm management with technologies like DokuPlant for planning, calculation, nutrient balance, carbon balance, start for traceability etc. and on top run logistics with mobGIS for farms and their partners to distribute or collect farm supplies or harvested goods. The benefits of such a four steps based technology are enormous and start from exact knowing where and how large is the field till use less fertilizer, drive less km, work more sustainable, have access to newest science know how, be part of a larger group with IT support, market your products better  etc.. On top of the technology one can run applications for land consolidation, environmental management, carbon calculation, risk management etc.. The complexity is to find the right organisational models - in many cases public-private - that has to be worked out country for country taking into consideration the existing structures and local needs. Also for all integrated expert data local experts have to be part of a setup. Also when sometimes "small is beautiful" such technologies can be setup region- or country covering only to get neglectable prices per ha.