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Demba  N
Demba Nwww.comengip.orgSenegal

Describe for what purpose the drones were used and in which context?

Geolocalisation and precision targeting.

What challenges were faced using the drones?

Privacy concerns, legal and property rights.

What lessons can be drawn from this experience?

A better legal and institutional framework needed to fully operate a safe drone operation and use locally and beyond.

Additional resources (list links to additional information on the experience if available).

Not of a greater diversity than this platform... :)

Demba  N
Demba Nwww.comengip.orgSenegal

Open Data is already here, acknowledging it's potential and how to use such remains a challenge... Structuring data, raw data on initial investments for the last three decades, left us an aggregate database requiring, to date, soft and selective investments on research based/proven data over marketability, usability and alike.

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My actual interest and work remain in such areas of great interest to further widespread use of OD in Africa...