e-Agriculture Webinar on Drones for Agriculture: potentials and challenges on the African continent


e-Agriculture Webinar on Drones for Agriculture: potentials and challenges on the African continent

The e-Agriculture and The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA)'s Unmanned Aerial Systems Community (UAV4Ag) held this webinar  "Drones for Agriculture: potentials and challenges on the African continent" on the 11th of December 2018.

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There is a general consensus that smallholder farming needs to become more productive, sustainable and profitable. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) – or drone-based systems – services can help make this possible by bringing some of the tools of precision agriculture to producers, which include large and medium-scale holdings and associations of small-scale farmers growing the same crop in contiguous areas. UAS can help increase the returns to farmers and create knowledge-intensive new employment opportunities in rural areas, offering educated youth an alternative to migrating to the cities.

UAS services are increasingly adopted in developed countries. On the other hand, the deployment of the technology in Africa faces a number challenges which the speaker will present together with enabling environments which are progressively materializing. 

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  • Giacomo Rambaldi

    Giacomo Rambaldi is Senior Programme Coordinator ICTs at the Technical Centre for Agricultural & Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) in Wageningen, Netherlands. He has 36 years of professional experience in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean where he worked for various international organizations including FAO and the Asian Development Bank and on projects funded by the Italian Aid to Development and the European Commission. He holds a degree in agricultural sciences from the State University of Milan, Italy. At present he is member of the ICT for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) team at CTA and is coordinating a stream of activities related to the deployment of drone technology in agriculture including influencing drone governance’s policy making. Giacomo has been leading Web2.0 and Social Media capacity building activities at CTA and earned worldwide recognition for his work as recipient of the 2013 WSIS Project Prize in the category E-Agriculture. He also leads activities in the domain of participatory GIS where he animates a large community of practice. One of his projects earned CTA the 2007 World Summit Award in the category e-culture. In collaboration with other members of the ICT4Ag team at CTA, Giacomo animates thematic Communities of Practice which underpin CTA’s work on ICTs and technology innovation.