WSIS Follow-up

WSIS Follow-up

The World Summit on the Information Society and e-Agriculture

The UN General Assembly endorsed the holding of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in two phases. The first phase was held in Geneva in December 2003 with the objective of cultivating a clear statement of political will and establishing a foundation of steps to realize an Information Society for all. More than 11,000 participants from 175 countries attended the Summit and related events.

The second phase was in Tunis in November 2005. This phase focused on putting the Geneva Plan of Action into motion. Efforts concentrated on finding solutions and reaching agreements in the fields of Internet governance, financing mechanisms, and follow-up and implementation of the Geneva and Tunis documents. More than 19,000 participants from 174 countries attended the Summit and related events. For more on WSIS, click here

E-agriculture is one of the Action Lines identified in the Geneva Plan of Action of WSIS. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was assigned the responsibility of organizing follow-up activities related to e-agriculture. FAO conducted an extensive survey on the subject of the action line, and then together with the Founding Partners, launched the e-Agriculture Community of Practice in 2007 as part of this follow-up.

You can find more information on the e-agriculture Action Line on the WSIS website. 

The e-Agriculture Community and FAO play an active role in WSIS follow-up and WSIS Stocktaking process. Every year a call is launched to update the WSIS database with all ICT related projects. e-Agriculture supports this process for the Action Line e-agriculture. You can search the database for ICT initiatives on e-agriculture or on other topics. 

Every year the e-Agriculture Community of Practice participates in the physical WSIS forum. This year the forum will take place in Geneva from the 25th to the 29th of May. More information about the agenda can be found here.

The yearly WSIS Project Prizes provide a platform to identify and showcase the success stories and models that could be easily replicated, to empower the community at the local level, to give the chance to everyone to participate in the contest and mailny regognize the efforts of stakeholders for their added value to society and commitment towards achieving WSIS goals.

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