What's on EASYPol

FAO experts working on agricultural and rural development and food security policy develop resources useful for the various stages of policy processes. They include issue papers, analytical tools, case studies, methodological guidelines and other conceptual and technical materials.

Examples of topics covered

About our analytical tools

Our software packages assist policy makers in the effective analysis of policy impacts and implication, and in data management. They are tested and currently used in various countries, and can be adapted to a specific country's needs.

Who develops EASYPol resources

FAO experts at the Policy Assistance Support Service and other relevant FAO units develop resources, often in collaboration with universities and other institutions involved in policy making.

Ensuring quality

Before publication, the material undergoes a peer-review to ensure satisfactory quality standards.

EASYPol forum

The forum is a platform for all people interested in policy making to exchange their views to identify emerging policy issues, discuss new development concepts, test analytical tools and identify best practices. EASYPol Forum