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Is FAO’s Ex-ante Carbon Balance Tool (EX-ACT) Beneficial to the Private Sector? EASYPol Module 117

By Louis Bockel, Patricia Gorin, Madeleine Jönsson and Ophélie Touchemoulin


This paper aims at highlighting the main benefits and interests of the private sector using the Ex-Ante Carbon Balance Tool for analysing the mitigation potential of projects or programmes in the AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry, Land Use) sector.

Paper outline

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) developed the Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) to provide an ex-ante evaluation of the mitigation potential of rural development and forestry projects. This tool could be useful for the private sector to support and analyse projects currently implemented in developing countries, in terms of corporate social responsibility communication and regarding economic and financial analysis.
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Target audience

Practitioners in the private sector, in the agriculture and agro-industry sector.

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