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Pilot Policy Assistance Activity on “Socio-economic impact analysis of policy options by means of Value Chain Analysis” - Mission to Ankara, Turkey [18 to 28 March 2013]
Policy Assistance Workshop “Socio-economic impact analysis of policy options by means of - Value Chain Analysis (VCA) approach Introduction to cost-benefit analysis of policies”Ankara, Turkey, 18 – 28 March 2013


  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock - General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (GDAR)
  • Agricultural Economy and Policy Development Institute, Ankara
  • Content
    Participants will be trained on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) approach and in the use of the FAO-VCA software tool for policy making.
    Emphasis will be placed on value added generation and distribution among the agents involved in value chain.
    Computer sessions will be organized and all the support material on VCA including hand-outs, slides, exercises and the software will be made available from FAO’s EASYPol [online resources for policy making www.fao.org/easypol/].

    During the workshop, the mission members and the participants will identify selected policy options relevant for the paddy rice value. The team will guide the participants for the set-up of the analytical work that will proceed in the subsequent months through distance support.

    Project team from FAO’s Agricultural Development Economics Division
    Lead Technical Officer : Lorenzo Giovanni Bellù, Policy Officer – Economist
    Mission members: Ilaria Tedesco (Policy Officer) and Lucia Battaglia (International Consultant)

    Policy resources used

  • Value Chain Analysis for policy making: Methodological guidelines for a Quantitative approach (EASYPol series 129)
  • FAO VCA-Tool Software (version 3.1) and VCA User Manual (EASYPol series 073)

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