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FAO’s Catalogue of Knowledge Management and Decision Support methods, tools and products on Sustainable Land and Water Management

This catalogue brings together the key knowledge management and decision support methods, tools and products produced over the last 30 years by FAO, its Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands Programme and the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies.

A support publication, the catalogue aims to provide information and links to help those who carry out the ongoing Global User Needs Survey on Sustainable Land Management (SLM), including soil, water, crop, grazing and forest management. This survey seeks to identify user needs and interests related to SLM knowledge management and decision support methods, tools and products.

Topics covered by the Catalogue covering different areas on SLM:

  • Water (Water Quality, Water Harvesting, Irrigation Management, Crops and Water Management)
  • Land (Soil Assessment, Soil Management, Land Use Planning, Rangelands and Grasslands)
  • Trees and Forestry (Forestry Management and Conservation)
  • Climate Change (Climate-Smart Agriculture (Mitigation+Adaptation+Productivity), Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture, Including Soil Carbon Sequestration)
  • Impact Assessment
  • Policy Reforms (Water Legislation, Land Legislation)
  • Gender (Gender Mainstreaming),/li>
  • Capacity Development (Capacity Development and Training)
  • Global Studies (Other SLM Publications)

  • Results
    The results of the survey will be published in June 2013.

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  • Contacts
  • Sally Bunning, Lead Technical Officer FAO Land and Water Division :sally.bunning@fao.org
  • Survey::slm-survey@fao.org