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Mission to Ankara, Turkey (18-28 March 2013). Pilot policy assistance activity on “Socio-economic impact analysis of policy options by means of Value Chain Analysis (VCA) approach

FAO Workshop on Value Chain Analysis approach and related FAO VCA-Tool
FAO mission to Ankara, Turkey to deliver a two-week workshop on the Value Chain Analysis approach and its related FAO VCA-tool.

The workshop targeted a group of twelve staff from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock - General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (MFAL-GDAR).

Methods and tools
The final aim was to provide the participants with methods and tools useful to carry out ex-ante analysis of socio-economic impact of policy options, in particular for the paddy rice value chain.

National working groups
Participants were divided in two National Working Groups (NWGs) to further develop the analytical work over the next months.

Expected output
The expected output of the Pilot Activity is a document exploring selected policy options to improve the performance of the paddy rice value chain and addressing specifying development issues.