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The web-based FAO EASYPol series matches FAO’s five new Strategic Objectives (SOs)

The entire EASYPol series is now clustered according to FAO’s five Strategic Objectives to reflect FAO’s focus on policies as key instruments for positive changes at all levels.
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A valuable point of reference, the official FAO peer-reviewed E-series, comprising issue papers, technical material, methodological and analytical tools as well as applied cases, provides both up-to-date knowledge for policy making and an opportunity to publish policy-relevant findings generated under the various SOs.

Ongoing interdepartmental partnerships and planned activities under various SOs are using existing resources and plan to issue new policy material in EASYPol with an aim to increase effectiveness, visibility and dissemination of their policy-relevant findings.

EASYPol welcomes new contributions from policy-relevant activities carried out by all SOs, as well as by cross-cutting activities, global, regional and country-level initiatives.

A daily point of reference for thousands of policy stakeholders all over the world, the EASYPol series, by means of the new mapping of E-documents by SO aims at increasing the visibility of FAO’s work in the global policy arena and enhancing a more focused dissemination of FAO policy-relevant findings world-wide.