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New version: FAO VCA-Tool 3.2, software for Cost-Benefit Analysis of policy options now available

The new FAO VCA-Tool 3.2. software for Cost-Benefit Analysis of agriculture and rural development policy options in a value chain framework is now available in FAO EASYPol. Download the updated FAO VCA-Tool 3.2. software tool» and the FAO VCA-Tool user manual»

The FAO VCA-Tool software for Cost-Benefit Analysis of policy options allows analysts to build and compare different scenarios to assess the impacts of different policies such as policies for sustainable rural development, enhancement of agricultural value chains, poverty reduction, social protection, gender equality, infrastructural investment.

Experts may use this tool to analyze activities in a value chain framework, which highlights the mutual up-stream/downstream relationships regarding the availability of inputs, absorption of outputs, formation of prices, value added generation and distribution along the chain and profitability of the various segments of a chain.

In addition, by using different sets of prices, analyses are carried out from the perspectives of both the private agents and the society as a whole.

In this way, analysts are able to assess explicit and implicit transfers from the society to private agents (and vice-versa), the degree of protection of specific activities as well as the competitiveness of activities with respect to an efficiency benchmark.

Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Turkey, Oman, Syria, Tajikistan, Viet Nam are just some of the countries that have adopted the FAO VCA-Tool.

Users’ feedback of previous versions has helped to prepare the FAO VCA-Tool version 3.2, which now includes new features for calculations, new indicators based on Policy Analysis Matrices (PAMs), updated indicator descriptions, scenario comparison facilities and layout improvements, to make it a more flexible and comprehensive tool.

See the complete collection in the EASYPol VCA resource package»