User guide


The EASYPol User Guide provides information and instructions as to how to participate in a forum.

For ease of use, the User Guide is divided into two parts:

i.   a brief guide providing a quick overview

ii. detailed list of instructions


Users can use the brief text to get an idea of the overall functioning of the forum and then click on the links to go directly to the more detailed information.

  •  Registration 
  •  Search forum 
  •  How to send a message to the forum 
  •  Reading post 
  •  Connection and software requisites 

  • Forum members do not need any specific software or high connection speed to participate.

    To upload files:

    New EASYPol users will be prompted to download the "X-upload" software, version

    It is, however, recommended to keep attachments small and links are preferred especially for those members with slow connection.

    Alternatively, files may be sent to the moderator who will check and convert files for uploading.

  •  Forum support team 

The EASYPol forum area is intended as a place for constructive discussions among users. A forum is actively moderated, but messages are not screened before they are posted. Only registered members can post.

We have also listed some tips if forum participants should want to quickly look through them to make contributions as constructive and to the point as possible.