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Analyse de la resilience en Mauritanie
Rapport d'analyse de la résilience No. 14
Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis (RIMA) Team, FAO
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This report provides an analysis of various dimensions of the resilience capacity of Mauritanian households. The results of the RIMA analysis (Resilience Index Measurement Analysis) provide evidence to demonstrate the factors that enable certain households to overcome shocks and other sources of stress better than others. The report discusses the results of the RIMA analysis according to households’ place of residence, livelihoods, the gender of the household head, and food security status, as well as the impact of shocks on the resilience capacity of households and subjective resilience capacity. The objective of the analysis is to inform the Mauritanian government of the factors that contribute to the resilience capacity of households and to identify vulnerable households. The results are expected to help the government better target households in need within state programmes and interventions that aim to reinforce household resilience capacity.
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