Economía del Desarrollo Agrícola
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Smallholders in transition

The Smallholders in Transition project is a collaborative effort between FAO and the University of Nairobi. This project focused on smallholder staple producer commercialization in Kenya. The field work components were implemented July-December 2011.

The approach is multi-disciplinary and the team collectively investigated five key questions to inform policies facilitating smallholder staple producer transition.

Are smallholders both technically and economically efficient? What are the determinants of the respective efficiency measures?

Transition preferences
What are the smallholders maize producers' attitudes toward their future in agriculture and commercialization?

Marketing status
What are the determinants of smallholder maize producers' marketing (buying and selling) cycles and buyer preferences?

Gaining economies of scale
What are the fundamental and critical elements that must be in place for effective collective smallholder maize marketing?  Who should be facilitating this approach?

The next generation
What are rural and urban youth attitudes toward working in staple agriculture?