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Virtual FAO learning course adopted by top Spanish university

An innovative FAO online learning program has been incorporated into the curriculum of Spain's Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), marking the first time that an FAO virtual learning course can be used by students to earn a recognized academic certificate and college credits.


MAFAP - Workshop

FAO, Rome ( 4-5 May 2010 )

MAFAP workshop on How to approach policy monitoring in Africa? - International, regional and national experts in the domains of relevance to the project will discuss the approach adopted by MAFAP.


FAO-African Virtual University agreement on e-learning

FAO and the African Virtual University (AVU) have signed a partnership agreement aimed at widening access to education and communications technologies in developing countries. The two organizations will share educational resources and integrate FAO e-learning courses in the AVU e-campus for Development and Peace.


World Summit on Food Security

FAO, Rome ( 16-18 November 2009 )

World leaders convened at FAO Headquarters for the World Summit on Food Security unanimously adopted a declaration pledging renewed commitment to eradicate hunger.


Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

FAO, Rome ( 14, 15, 17 October 2009 )

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is the United Nations’ forum for reviewing and following up on policies concerning world food security.


Global Forum discussion