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Linking social protection and support to small farmer development in the context of food security

FAO, Rome ( 17-18 January 2008 )

Three country case studies, from Malawi, Ethiopia, and Ghana, were presented and discussed in the context of food security.


Beyond Agriculture: the promise of the rural economy for growth and poverty reduction

FAO, Rome ( January 2006 )

Experts were gathered from around the world to a workshop to discuss topics relevant for rural development and rural poverty alleviation. 


Agricultural and rural development in the 21st century: lessons from the past and policies for the future

Beijing, China ( 9-10 September 2005 )

This workshop was jointly organised by the Ministry of Agriculture of China and FAO through the financial support of the Italian Government.


Using markets to promote the sustainable utilization of crop genetic resources

FAO, Rome ( 4-6 April 2005 )

The workshop built upon a research program on agricultural markets and their relationship to farm level decisions on utilizing crop genetic resources.

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