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Tapping Opportunities to Support Cattle Producers in Burkina Faso

Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP)  [ 2013 ]
Cattle farmers in Burkina Faso receive low prices and have few incentives to increase production and marketing. Cattle producers would [...]
Currently sugar cane farmers in the United Republic of Tanzania receive lower prices than they could, despite high domestic demand, [...]

Rice in Uganda: Supporting producers but penalizing consumers

Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) [ 2013 ]
Rice farmers and traders in Uganda receive higher prices thanks to existing policies. However, rice consumers also pay higher prices [...]

Proceedings from the International Scientific Symposium on Food and Nutrition Security information

From Valid Measurement to Effective Decision Making
FAO [ 2013 ]
In January 2012 FAO organized an International Symposium to examine emerging trends in measuring Food and Nutrition Security Information and [...]
This paper describes the benefits and costs of managing food price instability in the context of promoting economic growth and [...]

Intra-industry trade in biofuels: how environmental legislation fuels resource use and GHG emissions

ESA Working Paper 12-08
Seth Meyer, Josef Schmidhuber, Jesús Barreiro-Hurlé [ 2012 ]
We have seen significant volumes of intra-industry trade in ethanol between the United States of America and Brazil. A trend [...]
Investment in agriculture is widely recognized as crucial for economic growth, poverty reduction and improved food and nutrition security. Although [...]
Investing in agriculture is essential for reducing hunger and promoting sustainable agricultural production. Those parts of the world where agricultural [...]
The 2012 Symposium on “Food and Nutrition Security Information: From valid measurement to effective decision making” brought together nearly 400 [...]
The document was prepared as a technical input for the Hanoi Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change, to [...]