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Does migration make rural households more productive? Evidence from Mexico

J. Edward Taylor, Alejandro López-Feldman [ 2007 ]
The migration of labor out of rural areas and the flow of remittances from migrants to rural households is an increasingly [...]
Indigenous peoples are among the world’s most vulnerable groups and poorest socio-ethnic populations. They make up a significant percentage of [...]
Developing a strategy to implement the right to food must begin by evaluating the current situation. Right to Food Guideline* [...]

Negociatrix policy game: Building capacities in trade policy analysis

Balié, J. Hofwegen, G., Jongeneel R., Koning, N. B. J.  [ 2007 ]
The Negociatrix Policy Game is a tool for training in multilateral negotiation, which has been developed through a partnership between [...]
Since the onset of the Israeli occupation in 1967, the economy of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS) has [...]
Vigilar a través de la recolección periódica, el análisis y la interpretación, y la diseminación de información relevante es crucial [...]
Les peiples autochtones sont parmi les groupes socio-ethniques les plus vulnérables et les plus pauvres du monde. Ils représentent [...]

World agriculture towards 2030/2050

Interim Report. Prospects for food, nutrition, agriculture and major commodity groups
FAO [ 2007 ]
This is an updated version, with extension of projections to 2050, of two of the key chapters (Chapters 2 and [...]
Legislative measures for the implementation of the human right to adequate food are highlighted both in the International Covenant on [...]
Desarrollar una estrategia para poner en práctica el derecho a la alimentación debe comenzar por evaluar la situación actual. La [...]