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As shown empirically for many transition economies, even small changes in assumptions on economies of size and adult equivalence scales [...]
Egypt is on track to achieve its long-term goal of reducing the poverty rate to 6 percent by 2022. Continued [...]

More calories or more diversity?

An econometric evaluation of the impact of the PROGRESA and PROCAMPO transfer programs on food security in rural Mexico
M. Ruiz, B. Davis, M. Stampini, P. Winters, S. Handa [ 2006 ]
This paper examines the PROGRESA and PROCAMPO cash transfer programs in Mexico and evaluates their impact on household food security [...]
In developing countries poverty is generally measured with expenditure data. Such data are difficult and costly to obtain and it [...]
This paper deals with consumption dynamics and its effects on poverty. An econometric model is proposed in which changes in [...]

A country on the move: International migration in post communist Albania

C. Carletto, B. Davis, M. Stampini, A. Zezza [ 2006 ]
Albania is a country on the move. This mobility plays a key role in household-level strategies to cope with the [...]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, [...]
In January 2006, the Agricultural and Development Economics Division of FAO gathered experts from around the world to a workshop [...]
Non-linear adjustment towards long-run equilibrium in the sugar-ethanol-oil nexus in Brazil is examined. We develop generalised bivariate error correction models [...]

Synthesis Report: Planning for the future

Assessment of food security early warning systems in sub-Saharan Africa.
Mark McGuire, James Tefft  [ 2006 ]
The crippling famines of the 1970s and 1980s in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), which claimed the lives of millions of people and [...]