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The State of Food and Agriculture 2006

Food aid for food security?
FAO [ 2006 ]
The State of Food and Agriculture 2006 examines the issues and controversies surrounding international food aid and seeks to find [...]
Wheat is central to the government of Egypt’s food security policy which is based on increasing self-sufficiency in wheat on [...]
This paper offers an overview of land reform processes in the CEECs and their outcomes and impacts and analyzes current [...]
This article examines the decision of farmers to sell part of their farm output on the market, using data from [...]
This article reviews key conceptual issues related to the development of the rural non-farm economy (RNFE) in a transition context [...]
This study addresses issues central to the mandate of the Global Donor Platform, drawing on experiences from across the developing [...]
The paper emphasizes the importance of embedded institutions for the transformation of the agricultural sector and rural economies in the [...]

Food security responses to the protracted crisis context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Koen Vlassenroot, Salomé Ntububa, Timothy Raeymaekers [ 2006 ]
This report tests the hypothesis that there is a critical paradox between the dynamic features of food insecurity and static [...]

Food security analysis and policies for transition countries

Peter Wehrheim, Doris Wiesmann [ 2006 ]
This article explores the characteristics of food security in the context of economies in transition. These special characteristics derive from [...]
The paper reviews the implications for rural development of current transformations in agriculture. It first identifies some of the driving [...]