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This paper is an action oriented document and hopefully a contribution to the methodologies to build policy makers’ capacities in [...]
Improving access to food through broad-based participation in income-generating activities in key agricultural supply chains, together with the development of [...]
Rice is the largest user of water in Asia, probably accounting for more than half of irrigation water withdrawals. Two [...]
Liberalization of Egyptian agricultural policy and new wheat technology has led to significant increases in area allocated to wheat as [...]

Moving away from poverty: A spatial analysis of poverty and migration in Albania

Alberto Zezza, Gero Carletto, and Benjamin Davis [ 2005 ]
This paper analyses recent patterns of migration and poverty in Albania, a country that following the collapse of the communist [...]

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2005

Eradicating world hunger – key to achieving the Millennium Development Goals
FAO [ 2005 ]
Only ten years now remain before the 2015 deadline by which world leaders have pledged to reduce hunger and extreme [...]
This paper examines international trends in plant variety protection, a form of intellectual property rights for plant varieties akin to [...]

HIV/AIDS and the Agricultural sector: Implications for policy in Eastern and Southern Africa

T. S. Jayne, Marcela Villarrea, Prabhu Pingali, Günter Hemrich [ 2005 ]
This paper draws upon development economics theory, demographic projections, and empirical evidence to consider the likely consequences of the HIV/AIDS [...]

Monitoring poverty without consumption data: An application using the Albania panel survey

Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis and Alberto Zezza [ 2005 ]
In developing countries poverty is generally measured with expenditure data. Such data are difficult and costly to obtain and it [...]
Social protection aims to provide a national platform for smoothly transitioning from a chaotic collection of shock responses to an [...]