Agricultural Development Economics

Food security analysis and policy

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In recent years, there has been increasing emphasis in the rural development literature on the multiple income-generating activities undertaken by rural [...]

Promoting farm/non-farm linkages for rural development: Case studies from Africa and Latin America

Benjamin Davis, Thomas Reardon, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters  [ 2002 ]
Evidence from developing countries points towards the growing importance of non-farm activities in the income-generating portfolio of rural households (Lanjouw [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2002

Agriculture and global public goods ten years after the Earth Summit
FAO [ 2002 ]
The State of Food and Agriculture 2002 is FAO’s annual report on current developments and issues in world agriculture. It [...]
Urbanization and globalization may enhance access to non traditional foods as a result of changing prices and production practices, as [...]
While Nicaragua over the past decade has ranked among the poorest countries in Latin America in terms of per capita [...]
This article explores the role of migrant networks in Mexican rural out-migration focusing on how network composition influences rural-to-rural, rural-to-urban, [...]

Cash transfer with income multiplier: PROCAMPO in Mexico

E. Sadoulet, A. de Janvry, B. Davis [ 2001 ]
Cash transfer programs induce multiplier effects when recipients put the money they receive to work to generate additional income. The [...]

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2001

Food insecurity – when people live with hunger and fear starvation
FAO [ 2001 ]
The State of Food Insecurity in the World reports on global and national efforts to reach the goal set by [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2001

Economic impacts of transboundary plant pests and animal diseases
FAO [ 2001 ]
Five years after the World Food Summit, and at the beginning of the twenty-first century, The State of Food and [...]
Objective: Assessing how the Italian average food pattern would be affected in terms of consumption structure and expenditure by the [...]