Agricultural Development Economics

Food security in emergencies

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The purpose of this Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual Version 2.0 is to provide food security analysts [...]

Cash-for-work in Somalia: linking relief to recovery

prepared by Zoe Druilhe and Denise Melvin [ 2012 ]
In complex emergency situations such as that in Somalia, marred by violence, destitution and famine, the Food and Agriculture Organization [...]
Food security professionals increasingly realize that they must use communications strategically for their work to have a maximum impact. While [...]

Beyond relief: Food security in protracted crises

Luca Alinovi, Günter Hemrich, Luca Russo [ 2008 ]
In many countries, prolonged conflicts result in food emergencies that recur over years or even decades. Initial humanitarian relief efforts [...]
The main driver of Palestinian food insecurity is of a political nature, as key elements of vulnerability are rooted in [...]

Poverty, risk and soil carbon sequestration

J. Graff-Zivin, Leslie Lipper  [ 2008 ]
We explore poor farmers' incentives to adopt production systems that increase soil carbon sequestration, focusing on the impact of risk. [...]
The paper examines the imperative for improved classification and analysis of food crises in different fragile contexts. Recognizing the persistence [...]
Drawing on case studies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Somalia and Sudan, this paper focuses on policy, [...]
Since the onset of the Israeli occupation in 1967, the economy of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS) has [...]

Conflict and food security in Beni-Lubero

Timothy Raeymaekers [ 2006 ]
This study has its origin in discussions about the analysis and practice of food security in protracted conflicts (de Waal, 1997; Flores, [...]
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