Agricultural Development Economics

Markets, prices and trade

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This paper reviews four international datasets and one regional dataset which allow us to consider the magnitude of and trends [...]

Impact of increasing prices of agricultural commodities on poverty

ESA Working Paper 11-14
Panagiotis Karfakis, Jackeline Velazco, Esteban Moreno, Katia Covarrubias [ 2011 ]
The present paper attempts to identify the groups of households that most likely will face positive or negative welfare consequences as [...]
This sample spread sheet accompanies the simple price monitoring tool to assess monthly changes in food prices.
This paper presents a simple tool that can be used to monitor developments in market prices. The data requirements are [...]
The increasing volume of remittances and public transfers in rural areas of the developing world has raised hopes that these [...]
World cereal prices have been increasing substantially since 2003. Until 2008, the Asian countries examined in this paper (Bangladesh, China, [...]
This study examines how different supply chain characteristics impose different coordination costs on vegetable processors. The results provide a basis [...]
This paper suggests a methodology for estimating the effects of higher food prices on global undernourishment. The paper also presents [...]
During the first three months of 2008, international nominal prices of all major food commodities reached their highest levels in [...]
The extent to which commodity price volatility affects the income of producing households and their vulnerability to poverty and food [...]
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