Agricultural Development Economics

Markets, prices and trade

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The extent to which commodity price volatility affects the income of producing households and their vulnerability to poverty and food [...]
International cereal prices (in US dollar terms) have been increasing since 2003, but it is domestic prices that affect food [...]
This paper compares the degree of openness to trade of three developed countries markets—the European Union, Japan, the United States—with [...]

Food prices and food security in Trinidad and Tobago

ESA Working Paper 07-27
Christian Romer Løvendal, Kristian Thor Jakobsen, Andrew Jacque [ 2007 ]
The economy of Trinidad and Tobago is booming, in particular as a consequence of increased energy production and the historical [...]

An assessment of the impact of higher yields for maize, soybean and cassava in Indonesia: A multi-market model approach

ESA Working Paper 07-25
Bambang Sayaka, Sumaryanto Masjidin Siregar, André Croppenstedt, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
The changing structure of food demand will generate pressure to diversify away from cereals. It is therefore important that cereal [...]

An assessment of the impact of rice tariff policy in Indonesia: A multi-market model approach

ESA Working Paper 07-18
Bambang Sayaka, Sumaryanto, André Croppenstedt, Stefania DiGiuseppe [ 2007 ]
Rice is of key importance to Indonesia’s national and household level food security. The choice of tariff policy has important [...]
The present paper describes the benefits and costs, in qualitative terms, of managing food price instability in Asia in the [...]

Negociatrix policy game: Building capacities in trade policy analysis

Balié, J. Hofwegen, G., Jongeneel R., Koning, N. B. J.  [ 2007 ]
The Negociatrix Policy Game is a tool for training in multilateral negotiation, which has been developed through a partnership between [...]
This article examines the decision of farmers to sell part of their farm output on the market, using data from [...]
This paper examines the effects of trade and domestic agricultural policy reforms on the distribution of incomes in six developing [...]
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