Agricultural Development Economics

Smallholders and rural poverty

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In contract farming schemes, the process of developing the contract is very important for building long-lasting trust between farmers and [...]
Contract farming session report: Making the connection - value chains for transforming smallholder agriculture. This short report can act as [...]
The 39th Annual Meeting of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) was hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization [...]
Institutional food procurement programmes (IFPPs) refer to initiatives that are designed to link institutional demand for food to broader development [...]

On the costs of being small: Case evidence from Kenyan family farms

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 17-03
Panagiotis Karfakis, Giulia Ponzini and George Rapsomanikis [ 2017 ]
We analyse allocative efficiency of major input factors for farmers in Kenya. Marginal value products are estimated for land, labor, [...]
This brief addresses the issue of limited farmer access to quality seed of Irish potato varieties in demand in local [...]

Linking farm diversification to household diet diversification: Evidence from a sample of Kenyan ultra-poor farmers

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 17-01
Mulat Demeke, Janice Meerman, Antonio Scognamillo, Alessandro Romeo and Solomon Asfaw [ 2017 ]
This paper provides new empirical evidence on the nexus between farm production diversification and household diet diversity in East Africa. [...]
This paper assesses past trends in agricultural land and labour productivity, as a test whether it is feasible to meet [...]

The economic lives of smallholder farmers

The economic lives of smallholder farmers An analysis based on household data from nine countries
FAO [ 2015 ]
Based on an innovative smallholder-specific dataset, this report illustrates the lives of smallholder farmers in nine developing and emerging countries, [...]

Adaptation to climate risk and food security. Evidence from smallholder farmers in Ethiopia

Solomon Asfaw , Manuela Coromaldi and Leslie Lipper [ 2015 ]
This paper explores the impact of climate risk on the adoption of risk decreasing practices and other input choices and [...]
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