Agricultural Development Economics

Smallholders and rural poverty

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Identifying the family farm. An informal discussion of the concepts and definitions

ESA Working Paper 14-10
Elisabeth Garner and Ana Paula de la O Campos [ 2014 ]
The definition of family farm varies across countries and contexts. We reviewed 36 definitions and uses of the term “family [...]

The State of Food and Agriculture 2014

Innovation in family farming
FAO [ 2014 ]
More than 500 million family farms manage the majority of the world's agricultural land and produce most of the world's [...]
The agricultural economics literature provides various estimates of the number of farms and small farms in the world. This paper [...]

Recognizing the linkages between social protection and agriculture

From Protection to Production team [ 2013 ]
Since social protection and smallholder agricultural interventions often cover the same geographic space and target the same households, there are [...]

Livestock assets, livestock income and rural households: Cross-country evidence from household surveys

ESA Working Paper 11-17
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, Luca Tasciotti, Joachim Otte, Alberto Zezza [ 2011 ]
This paper investigates the livestock asset positions of rural households and the contribution of livestock to their income in 12 [...]

Impact of increasing prices of agricultural commodities on poverty

ESA Working Paper 11-14
Panagiotis Karfakis, Jackeline Velazco, Esteban Moreno, Katia Covarrubias [ 2011 ]
The present paper attempts to identify the groups of households that most likely will face positive or negative welfare consequences as [...]

Mainstreaming gender sensitivity in cash crop market supply chains

ESA Working Paper 11-08
Ruth Vargas Hill, Marcella Vigneri [ 2011 ]
This paper considers the impact of gender specific constraints on the production and marketing of cash crops. Cash crop production [...]

Rural women’s access to financial services: Credit, savings and insurance

ESA Working Paper 11-07
Diana Fletschner, Lisa Kenney [ 2011 ]
This paper reviews rural women’s access to financial services, a key factor of successful rural development strategies. Designing appropriate financial [...]

Gender differentiated asset dynamics in Northern Nigeria

ESA Working Paper 11-06
Andrew Dillon, Esteban J. Quiñones [ 2011 ]
This paper examines gender differentiated asset dynamics over a 20 year period (1988-2008) in Northern Nigeria. The paper first examines [...]

The filters to exit rural poverty: An analysis of the complementarities of assets in developing countries

ESA Working Paper 11-01
William Foster, Alberto Valdés, Benjamin Davis, Gustavo Anríquez [ 2011 ]
This paper explores a 15-country household data base to evaluate the impact of three key assets (land, education and infrastructure) [...]
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