Agricultural Development Economics

Smallholders and rural poverty

Year of publication

A profile of the rural poor

ESA Working Paper 09-04
Alberto Valdés, William Foster, Gustavo Anríquez, Carlo Azzarri, Katia Covarrubias, Benjamin Davis, Stefania DiGiuseppe, Tim Essam, Tom Hertz, Ana Paula de la O, Esteban Quiñones, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters, Alberto Zezza [ 2009 ]
This paper has two main objectives. Firstly, it provides an overview of trends in the magnitude, location and nature of [...]

Rural population change in developing countries. lessons for policymaking

ESA Working Paper 08-09
Gustavo Anríquez, Libor Stloukal [ 2008 ]
Rural agriculture uses more than one-third of the earth’s land and employs more than 40% of the population, a figure [...]

Wage inequality in international perspective. Effects of location, sector, and gender

ESA Working Paper 08-08
Thomas Hertz, Paul Winters, Ana Paula de la O, Esteban J. Quiñones, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2008 ]
This paper uses the well-known Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition technique to understand the determinants of wage-gaps between men and women, between urban [...]
International cereal prices (in US dollar terms) have been increasing since 2003, but it is domestic prices that affect food [...]

Rural income generating activities: whatever happened to the institutional vacuum? Evidence from Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Vietnam

ESA Working Paper 07-24
Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Kostas Stamoulis, Paul Winters [ 2007 ]
This paper assesses the current rural development practice against the main trends in recent rural development thinking, based on evidence [...]

Long-term farming trends: an inquiry using agricultural censuses

ESA Working Paper 07-20
Gustavo Anríquez, Genny Bonomi [ 2007 ]
This paper provides a long-term and global view at current farming trends by analyzing a specially created database of farming [...]

Does migration make rural households more productive? Evidence from Mexico

ESA Working Paper 07-10
J. Edward Taylor, Alejandro López-Feldman [ 2007 ]
The migration of labor out of rural areas and the flow of remittances from migrants to rural households is an increasingly [...]

Investing back home: return migration and business ownership in Albania

ESA Working Paper 07-08
Talip Kilic, Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2007 ]
In view of its increasing importance, and the dearth of information on return migration and its impacts on source households, [...]

Determinants of investment in Bulgarian family farming

ESA Working Papers 07-07
Tom Hertz [ 2007 ]
This paper documents a relationship between non-farm income (primarily earnings and pensions) and agricultural outlays in Bulgaria, using the 2003 [...]
This paper investigates the impact of migration and remittances on asset holdings, consumption expenditures, and credit constraint status of households [...]
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