Agricultural Development Economics

Smallholders and rural poverty

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Seasonal migration and agriculture in Viet Nam

ESA Working Paper 07-04
Alan De Brauw [ 2007 ]
In developing countries, when markets are incomplete migration can have multiple effects on agricultural production. In this paper, I use [...]

Non-traditional exports, traditional constraints: the adoption and diffusion of cash crops among smallholders in Guatemala

ESA Working Paper 07-03
Calogero Carletto, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis [ 2007 ]
This paper uses a duration analysis based on adoption data spanning over 25 years from six communities in the Central [...]

Migration and rural development

Robert E.B. Lucas [ 2007 ]
The paper summarizes the key routes through which internal and international migration impact rural development and some of the evidence [...]

Toward a territorial approach to rural development

Alain de Javnry, Elisabeth Sadoulet [ 2007 ]
This paper explores a territorial approach to rural development in Latin America. It first reviews evidence that progress in rural [...]

Rural development and poverty reduction: is agriculture still the key?

ESA Working Paper 07-02
Gustavo Anríquez, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2007 ]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, [...]

Assessing the impact of massive out-migration on agriculture

ESA Working Paper 06-14
Nancy McCarthy, Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Irini Maltsoglou [ 2006 ]
Over the past several years, rural areas in transition countries have experienced a structural transformation of their agricultural sectors combined [...]

The experience of conditional cash transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean

ESA Working Paper 06-07
Sudhanshu Handa, Benjamin Davis [ 2006 ]
This paper discusses the experience of six conditional cash transfer programs in Latin America, a model of social safety nets [...]
This article reviews key conceptual issues related to the development of the rural non-farm economy (RNFE) in a transition context [...]
The purpose of this survey is to review the available empirical evidence on the impacts of agricultural trade liberalization on [...]

Commercializing small farms: reducing transaction cost

ESA Working Paper 05-08
Prabhu Pingali, Yasmeen Khwaja, Madelon Meijer [ 2005 ]
Broad changes are taking place in agrifood systems worldwide. These changes are driven by economic development, increase in per caput [...]
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