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Two key challenges facing humanity today stem from changes within global food and climate systems. The 2008 food price crisis [...]
Markets have been found to be an increasingly important source of the seeds of crops and varieties low income farmers [...]

Deriving food security information from national household budget surveys

Experiences, achievements, challenges
FAO, Ricardo Sibrian [ 2008 ]
The introductory paper in Part 1 summarizes the efforts and lessons learned from experiences in participating countries to improve food [...]

Beyond relief: Food security in protracted crises

Luca Alinovi, Günter Hemrich, Luca Russo [ 2008 ]
In many countries, prolonged conflicts result in food emergencies that recur over years or even decades. Initial humanitarian relief efforts [...]
The guidelines show how to develop a detailed calendar of events to determine the month and year of birth of [...]

The transformation of agri-food systems: Globalization, supply chains and smallholder farmers

Ellen McCullough, Prabhu Pingali, Kostas G. Stamoulis [ 2008 ]
The driving forces of income growth, demographic shifts, globalization and technical change have led to a reorganization of food systems [...]
In recent years, development policy has responded to an increasing concern about natural resource degradation by setting up innovative payment [...]

Why does the Philippines import rice?

Meeting the challenge of trade liberalization
Dawe, Moya, Casiwan  [ 2006 ]
A perpetual question on the minds of many Filipinos is “Why do we import rice, and why can’t we produce [...]

Agricultural biodiversity and biotechnology in economic development

Joseph Cooper, Leslie Marie Lipper, David Zilberman [ 2005 ]
The topics addressed in this book are of vital importance to the survival of humankind. Agricultural biodiversity, [...]
This book summarizes research conducted from 1994 to 2001 to develop a new concept and the tools needed for site-specific [...]
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