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This report presents a review of data management and mapping tools used to improve informed decisionmaking in food security, and [...]

Validation of a measure of household hunger for cross-cultural use

Megan Deitchler, Terri Ballard, Anne Swindale, Jennifer Coates [ 2010 ]
The report analyzes the results of an evaluation of the internal, external and cross-cultural validity of the Household Food Insecurity [...]

Knowledge Sharing for Improved Food Security and Better Nutrition

Two years of online discussions
FAO [ 2010 ]
The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition is an online community for knowledge sharing on food security and nutrition, [...]

Rice in the global economy

Strategic research and policy issues for food security
Sushil Pandey, Derek Byerlee, David Dawe, Achim Dobermann, Samarendu Mohanty, Scott Rozelle, Bill Hardy  [ 2010 ]
Worldwide, rice is the most important food staple. It is grown on approximately 155 million hectares and accounts for one-fifth of [...]

Exigibilidade: Mechanisms to claim the human right to adequate food in Brazil

Thaís Franceschini, Valéria Burity, Luisa Cruz [ 2010 ]
The Portuguese word – exigibilidade – which, in its Spanish form (‘exigibilidad’), is used by different human rights organizations in [...]

The right to adequate food and indigenous people

How can the right to food benefit indigenous peoples?
Lidija Knuth [ 2009 ]
This paper analyses how right to food is relevant to indigenous peoples and how the implementation of the right to [...]

The right to food in the context of HIV/AIDS

Arne Vandenbogaerde [ 2009 ]
The annual reports of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) indicate little progress in the struggle against the [...]

Fisheries and the right to food: Implementing the right to food in national fisheries legislation

Anniken Skonhoft, Ambra Gobena, Dubravka Bojic Bultrini [ 2009 ]
The fisheries sector is a source of employment and income for more than 43 million fishers and fish farmers in the [...]

The right to food and access to natural resources

Lorenzo Cotula, Lorenzo Cotula, Moussa Djiré, Ringo W. Tenga [ 2009 ]
Sixty years after the first affirmation of the right to food, much remains to be done to make this a [...]

Measuring household resilience to food insecurity

Luca Alinovi, Erdgin Mane, Donato Romano [ 2009 ]
The concept of resilience has recently been introduced into food security literature. It aims to measure households’ capability to absorb [...]
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