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Choosing to migrate or migrating to choose: migration and labour choice in Albania

Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza [ 2006 ]
While sustainable economic growth, poverty reduction, and the management of migration flows are among the most pressing items on the policy agenda in Albania, very little systematic analysis exists of the income generating strategies of Albanian households within the emerging [...]

Food aid's intended and unintended consequences

Christopher B. Barrett [ 2006 ]
This paper surveys the existing empirical evidence on the unintended consequences of food aid. Micro-level evidence is presented on the impacts of food aid deliveries on household labour supply, production incentives, consumption patterns and natural resource use. At the meso-level, [...]

When are payments for environmental services beneficial to the poor?

David Zilberman, Leslie Lipper, Nancy McCarthy [ 2006 ]
The impact of payment for environmental services (PES) on poverty varies. Generally, PES is good for landowners and may negatively affect consumers if food demand is inelastic. Impacts also depend on the correlation between poverty and environmental amenities. If the [...]
As shown empirically for many transition economies, even small changes in assumptions on economies of size and adult equivalence scales are likely to produce significant changes in the analysis of poverty and its distribution across households and individuals. Since such [...]
Egypt is on track to achieve its long-term goal of reducing the poverty rate to 6 percent by 2022. Continued progress towards this goal will require rapid employment growth for which agriculture growth, through its impact on demand for goods [...]

More calories or more diversity?

An econometric evaluation of the impact of the PROGRESA and PROCAMPO transfer programs on food security in rural Mexico
M. Ruiz, B. Davis, M. Stampini, P. Winters, S. Handa [ 2006 ]
This paper examines the PROGRESA and PROCAMPO cash transfer programs in Mexico and evaluates their impact on household food security and nutrition. These two programs differ in their gender targeting, with PROGRESA aimed at women and PROCAMPO generally at men, [...]
In developing countries poverty is generally measured with expenditure data. Such data are difficult and costly to obtain and it is generally recommended to collect them every 3-5 years. In between surveys, however, there is a clear need to provide [...]
This paper deals with consumption dynamics and its effects on poverty. An econometric model is proposed in which changes in consumption across time are seen as fluctuations around the level of consumption that each family can sustain in the long [...]

A country on the move: International migration in post communist Albania

C. Carletto, B. Davis, M. Stampini, A. Zezza [ 2006 ]
Albania is a country on the move. This mobility plays a key role in household-level strategies to cope with the economic hardship of transition. With the relaxing of controls on emigration at the beginning of the 1990s, international migration has [...]
This paper examines the relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, poverty reduction, and overall development. The historical views regarding the role of the primary sector in development are presented, and [...]